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About Us

A & A Bespoke Furniture is a family-run business founded by husband and wife in 2015. Our core values are quality, professionalism and flexibility.

All bespoke kitchens and bespoke furniture are individually produced in our workshop in London using high quality materials and manufactured by time served craftsmen. Our showroom and the workshop are under one roof and can be visited by  



When creating the bespoke furniture it is essential to choose right finishes for it, which not only add style and elegance to the final product, but also make the surfaces durable and suitable for everyday use. We have a huge range of finishes to choose from including spray-painted MDF, high gloss finishes and real wood veneers. 


A&A Bespoke Furniture service is personal and impeccable. It encompasses discussing our clients’ precise needs and ensuring the installation of kitchens and other furniture goes as smoothly as possible. Our relationship with our customers is ongoing. Our after-sale service enables you to upgrade, replace or add to any of your components.


The Company offers you something special, very affordable and without compromising quality. Most of all though, we offer you exactly what you want for much less than you might think.



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